Kanye West Rushed ‘Donda’ To Drop Before Drake’s ‘CLB’ Says Collaborator Todd Rundgren

Kanye West is anything but conventional, and it seems his album-making process is no different. There’s so much junk in that record!”
The musical legend went on to call Yeezy a “dilettante”, or a person who makes attempts to cultivate art without really committing to understanding it. I have no idea whether and of this is being used.’”
Todd added that Kanye West is not very responsive to his collaborators, so he never knew what was being done with his work. The G.O.O.D. “Because I kept getting called by Kanye to add vocals onto the record. Basically, he called Kanye a poser. In a new interview with UCR, multi-instrumentalist and Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductee Todd Rundgren admitted that he spent far too much time contributing to Donda, only to find that none of his work made the final cut. Clearly, Todd Rundgren is not one of them. And in the end, Drake ate his lunch anyway.”
The Certified Lover Boy versus Donda debate continues to rage on, with many fans choosing CLB as the clear winner while diehard Kanye fans continue to defend Yeezy’s work at all costs. Music rapper’s latest project has been met with mixed and drastically differing reviews. Share this:

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Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window) Some have argued it is his worst effort yet, while others think it is a masterpiece. “He was too afraid that Drake would one-up him, so he hurried up and released the album the weekend before Drake could get his out. When I got into the homestretch in July, I just said, ‘That’s enough for me. “I have three albums worth of Kanye stems on my computer,” Rundgren said. Then he joked, “There is the possibility that I’m in there somewhere. “It’s because Drake was running the whole process,” he said. He is notorious for stacking up collaborations from rappers, singers, and artists of all kinds, and it seems some people find this practice inconsiderate and inefficient. Did Kanye West rushed Donda so he could drop before Drake? Even more scathingly, Rundgren claimed that Donda was rushed because Kanye wanted to beat Drake to the album drop punch.