Killdozer – Peach Pie Lyrics

I saw a rainbow when I woke up today
It chased all of my troubles away
It was not high up in the sky
I saw that rainbow in your eyes
I just take such joy in your smile
For it makes my life worthwhile
And I see that joy in your eyes, too
As I am lying here with you
Being with you gives me such pleasure
Oh baby, your my life's only treasure
You are the cream in my coffee cup
You are the jelly in my doughnut
You are the apple of my eye
You are the ice cream on my peach pie
When I see you and your lovely smile
I know then that my life is worthwhile
I like to stop and smell the daisies
And spend an afternoon with you bein' lazy
Oh baby I love you
Oh baby yes I do
Yes darling I do love you
And i know that you love me too