Kodak Black Addresses Laser Beam Incident Says He’s In A Happy Place

I’m really on some separating entertainment from reality.”

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Kodak then expounded on his new beliefs, “Entertainment is all this social media and all this internet sh*t. I don’t even play with you ni**as in reality cuz you know I smush on you people. Freedom is an intangible asset that many don’t understand the value of until it is taken away. Many fans believed it could have been a prank, but there are others who genuinely fear that it was possibly a gun. “Nobody’s brain even gon’ register like that, like, ‘let me put a beam on Yak.’ But I’m happy though. He then continued to tell his fans, “It ain’t none of y’all business why I’m happy for. In real life I had kinda lost my way and started being into this internet sh*t and going live and responding and started feeding into this internet sh*t. Ain’t nobody put no beam on me that’s some effects and sh*t.”
In closing, he said, “Ni**a fresh out. Kodak Black has stepped forward to address a recent incident where a laser beam was allegedly pointed at him at the club. On Thursday, the Florida rapper declares that he is now on a different path following a scary incident that took place recently in which his security believed his life was in danger. Addressing the mishap today, he shared a video with fans on social media. This freedom is a magnificent miracle that rapper Kodak Black was recently granted the opportunity of beholding once more as he can now be dubbed a free man. He was also arrested in 2018 for violating the terms of his probation and was sentenced to 364 days with credit for time served. The Florida native has also remained under indictment on charges of criminal sexual conduct in South Carolina from 2016. In January of this year, Kodak Black received a pardon from President Donald Trump on his final day in office on a federal weapons conviction. I’ve been seeing all this lil crazy sh*t, I’ma let y’all think whatever y’all think. “You n***as on some crazy, like, Instagram, phone effects, like, putting beams on my clothes and sh*t like a b*tch had a beam on me,” said Kodak in the video. Now that he is officially out and about, the rapper has been spotted at charity events, nightclubs and he recently received a gift of 50 k from fellow rapper Lil Yachty. Twitter
Facebook But it had me on a lame vibe. The reality is you niggas not gone play with me. The rapper has been plagued with a tumultuous criminal history. I ain’t go through sh*t. Although he was released on bond and his trial has been repeatedly delayed, he faces a maximum sentence of 30 years if convicted. God been f**king with us.” While the rapper seems to be enjoying his free time, his legal troubles are far from over, but after the many complaints of being mistreated in prison, it seems he can somewhat breathe easily for the time being. I ain’t on no f**k s*it. I’m in a happy space.”
He claims that the video of him being escorted off the stage was edited, stating that the woman that shot the video reached out to him with the original clip and was angry that people added the beam effect. While performing onstage, a red laser beam appeared on his jacket, and his security team jumped into action, quickly removing him from the event. Black has a plethora of criminal charges ranging from drug possession, weapons, and robbery charges.