Kodak Black Breaks Silence On Being Ambushed And Shot At

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The rapper further clarified that he hasn’t been beefing with anybody, so it couldn’t have been the cause of the shooting. Yak been zoolin’.”
According to previous reports, the rapper was followed from the festival to the restaurant where he was ambushed. Reports are that Kodak was the target of the shooting, which occurred after he left a festival performance. Baby blue sh*t. Kodak, who recently shared photos of him and his son spending time together this Easter, implied that the shooting was blown out of proportion when he finally addressed the abounding headlines on Tuesday. “When I saw the [news reports] I was like, what the f**k? Since he’s been out of prison, Kodak Black says he’s been doing good, and he isn’t messing with anybody. Amid the shooting incident that took place in a McDonald’s parking lot in Tallahassee, Florida on Monday morning, the rapper took to Instagram Live to set the record straight. Kodak Black is dispelling the rumors about the recent shooting in Florida that left his bodyguard wounded. He added that his mother even reached out to him since the news and asked that everyone just let him be. “A b***h ain’t even gone play with me,” the 23-year-old rapper said on IG Live. Even when Kodak Black tries to stay out of trouble, it seems to literally follow him. That sh*t was just some little bullsh*t on some lame little sh*t that transpired on some lame sh*t, homie. Just leave me alone, man,” he said. This ain’t no sh*t like– Y’all trying to make it like, one of these little industry b***es. While the rapper was not injured, a member of his security team was rushed to the hospital with gunshot wounds in his leg. “I ain’t f**king with nobody. “Y’all leave me alone bruh.