L.A.-based Chinese investors worried about Trump administration trade policies

1 trading partner was China with more than $1 billion, Cheung said. trade relations with China will change under his administration, and Chinese companies with a local footprint in Los Angeles could be affected.The growing skyline in downtown Los Angeles shows a measure of Chinese investment, about $4 billion within a one-and-a-half mile radius. LOS ANGELES (KABC) — President Donald Trump has said that U.S. He added that electronics and other Chinese products people buy is a fraction of the trade.What is more difficult to manufacture are pricey aviation components, which leads makers to Los Angeles. There are also reports that Paramount Pictures closed a deal with two Chinese media groups to fund a fourth of the studio’s entire film slate for the next three years or beyond.Chinese investors wonder what types of policies the Trump administration will pursue and with what countries.Construction worker said they are happy with foreign dollars.”When I see investments keep going, it makes me confident that I’ll still have a job,” Cherish Bush said.As Chinese investors gauge political winds, many plans for the future are up in the air. The bottom line comes down to what union workers earn and spend.That is why promoters of Los Angeles Commerce are on edge and hope that the Trump administration will not add new tariffs or changes in key policies such as regulations on the environment.BYD, a Chinese company that makes electric buses in Lancaster, believes if Trump pushes petroleum instead then there could be problems trying to sell products in the area.Stephen Cheung, head of the Los Angeles World Trade Center, said local trade with China is often misunderstood and underestimated.In 2015, the No.