Lil Baby Put His Label Quality Control On Notice, Demands $5 Million Or Else…

They don’t want me out got d**n, doin’ no bull***t, so they gon’ f**k with me.”
It is unclear if Lil Baby was demanding his millions from Quality Control or its parent company, but he did set the record straight about what he actually meant by hustling after fans started speculating that he meant drug dealing. I’m guessing the wire transfer on it’s way cuz baby the hottest new rapper out rn ain’t no label saying no to him ?? The economic slow-down across the globe has caused many entertainment events to be canceled, and it is having a significant effect on artists that earn a large portion of their income from performances and appearances. 1 album My Turn. “Nah, I don’t gotta sell no drugs. The Atlanta rapper has had an electrifying year to date, which incorporated the release of his first-ever No. I get money. View this post on Instagram

#lilbaby told QC he need $5 million or he going back to hustling. I’d say $5 million is merited now in his career, but that could increase exponentially before he knows it. A post shared by DJ Akademiks (@akadmiks) on Apr 26, 2020 at 10:28pm PDT

Twitter Lil Baby is demanding that his label outright hands over $5 million to him if they don’t want him to quit music altogether and return to the streets. Give me $5 million or I’m doing what I do.” He went on to add, “I know my label cares about me. You know, I just, hustle. Atlanta rapper Lil Baby told his label to pay him $5 million, or he is going back to hustling. Ain’t gotta be no drugs, just somethin’,” he clarified. After the success of “My Turn,” you have to wonder how enormous the 25-year-old rapper will become in the future. Lil Baby knows his value, and he’s not hesitant to request his cash in a forthright manner. During an Instagram Live on Monday (April 27), Lil Baby had this to say: “‘Cause, I told my label, they need to give me $5 million or I’m going to hustle, f**k it.” He continues, “sh*t, I can’t be sittin’ in no house. Lil Baby is probably one of the hottest rappers in the game at the moment, so his label would be wise to run him his cash if that meant they get to keep him.