Lil’ Candy Paint – Opp Luv Lyrics

[Intro Skit]
Boaz is spelled B-O-A-Z
Everybody say B-O-A-Z
And so, he’s got some relatives called broke-ass, poor-ass
Lying-ass, cheating-ass, dumb-ass
Would this blunt taste the same if I sparked up one of my opps? If he changed on the gang, on the gang gon’ get his ass shot
Knock a nigga news, we don’t care, we gon’ aim at your top
358, hit the road with the Wock’ in stock
I just made her suck my dick in the Trackhawk, baby, don’t stop
Give a f*ck ’bout a question from a pig, we don’t talk to no cops
I got rich, if you don’t feel my shit, you gon’ leave with [?]
I got triples on his head, we gon’ see where you walk
I got a Backwood full of opps
I got a twenty ouce full of drop
Bet a nigga try and stop me, getting sparked
I designered my car
Nigga, OCA, we done stamped that mark
See what I did, I ain’t even go far
I just live by example and I held my part
You never advanced and it hurt my heart
Would this blunt taste the same if you was one of my opps? Would you spray me if it was fifty on my top
Would you keep it a buck with me if I wasn’t hot
Would you turn up on me, baby, if I ride
Wanna put you in a Mercedes, in that drop
Put a lil’ thotty on the floor to scoop that guap
(I love you [?]) If a nigga ever changed up on me, it was probably his plot
Can’t go drowning my energy, baby, I’m off this Wock’
Ain’t no resolution, no solution, they won’t stop
‘Bout to say I polluted all my lungs, fell in love with drugs
I got E all in my system, still don’t think I took enough
Would this blunt taste the same if I sparked up one of my opps?