Lil Durk Claps Back At Yaya Mayweather For Snubbing His Song With Pooh Shiesty

She was even in the news earlier this week for taking her 3-month-old to a yacht party. Lil Durk is clapping back at Yaya Mayweather for calling his song with Pooh Shiesty, “Weak.”
Yaya Mayweather seems to always have some controversy surrounding her. Yaya Mayweather wasn’t feeling Pooh Shiesty’s song? Her supporters have deduced that it has much to do with tensions brewing between Youngboy’s crew and that of Durk. NBA Youngboy has not spoken out about the hit against his brother, neither has he confirmed any ongoing beef. Today Calboy tweeted, “We don’t turn off [Lil Durk] or [Pooh Shiesty] over here.” Durk saw the tweet and retweeted it as a show of support while subtly hitting back at Mayweather. The young mother has garnered much attention online for various antics over the past few months. A few weeks after that shooting, Youngboy’s older brother and another male were peppered with bullets and left at a gas station in Baton Rouge.
— Saycheese TV ?? Lil Durk recently released his “Kanye Krazy” video and his album “The Voice,” which have both been generating quite a buzz. A video of her reacting to the song “Back In Blood,” done by both men, was shared to The Shade Room. The latest viral incident involving Iyanna came after she made comments about rappers Lil Durk and Pooh Shiesty. Twitter
Facebook (@SaycheeseDGTL) February 23, 2021

Yaya has since faced backlash for her comment, with critics even speculating that her latest outburst may be as a result of her very public issues. In November of last year, King Von was killed by an associate of Quando Rondo, who is currently linked to NBA Youngboy’s label. In the clip, Yaya can be heard yelling at the DJ to “turn off the weak-a_s song.”
The new mom has not shared just why she blasted the track. His “Back In Blood” track is also expected to be a hit as it’s already gaining traction. The “Bandit” rapper’s brother survived the attack.