Lil Durk – On Your Mind Lyrics

You know it’s over with
If you ain’t ridin’ on family time, then it’s over with
Bro act like he ain’t bogus, but he know he is
I’m holdin’ back my tears to get my vocals clear
No, do you think he had your back? Play this song
[Verse 1]
I got demons on my back
Only thing make me safe is the pills to take a nap
Hopin’ this a dream, but it’s facts
He ain’t Ricky, saw no bullets to his back
A trench baby wakin’ up to the killin’ on his mind
Counted me out, I put the city on my back
The weed ain’t gettin’ any stronger so he fallin’ in the crack
9 to 45 on probation, it’s a trap
I made this before the Grammy’s
If I win a Grammy, I’ma take it to the trenches, to the family
Might sip some lean out and bein fancy
Knowin’ I ain’t ‘posed to be alive, sadly
Bro ‘nem died, he say, “I know you’s to death”
I wanna blame the niggas, I just hold it to myself
Bad thoughts, like I’ma hold it to his neck
Shit, I’m tryna hold it to his chest
I’m just wonder if I’m too grown to shed tears
My soul ain’t been the same, I been so damaged through the years
Wish distance between death had made me closer with my kids
I fell out with some niggas, made me switch up on my cribs
And when I drop locations down the street from where I live
No tellin’ what’s on your mind (Your mind)
[Verse 2]
And why you tryna sell me lies? (No)
Do you really call him your brother? (No, no, no, nah)
Do you love him? (Nah, nah, nah, nah)
No tellin’ what’s on your mind
[Verse 3]
The graveyard had felt my pain, I put my knees in it
I parked the Lamb outside my block, I leave my keys in it
Probable cause, they tried to say I smoked some weed in it
I knew it was cap, after I smoke, I sprayed Creed in it
No tellin’ what’s on your mind (Your mind)