Lisa Mitchell – Warhol Lyrics

I’ve got your wallet and a noose around my neck
I made these orders venom-deep and I hate it
But it’s a matter for a weeping infant
Warhol, I need you here
There’s a four-letter-word in my head
I saw the horses, yeah they’re leaving Nazareth
There’s a void that doesn’t leak if you need it
Warhol, I need you here
Oh, in the dark and in the light
Our hearts run wild and far away
I saw the shadows in the water under perfect skies
When I heard you sing the devil her lullabies
There’s a fire in the bouquet I can’t ignore
I heard the witches in the woods and they’re keepin’ score
And there’s a father in the maverick and they’re at
Warhol, I need you here…
Oh, all you need to say
All you need to say…
It’s an awful lot to lose if it’s all that you want
Hearts? Yeah, yeah
From the start? Yeah, yeah
I’ll take it all apart
In the light
And in the dark…