Loni Love Backs Up Tiffany Haddish Comments About Nicki Minaj Punctuality

Nicki showing up an hour late also comes with the territory, and she doesn’t mind bragging about it in her rap lyrics either. “She is correct. Everything she has said has come to light being right!” he wrote. that she doesn’t necessarily disagree with what was said. While she hasn’t tweeted about the drama directly, she has been cosigning tweets from other people about it. We had to go buy chicken for her whole crew. After a fan on Clubhouse told Tiffany that she is the “Nicki Minaj of comedy,” she retorted that, “unlike Nicki,” she treats people with “respect and dignity.” Tiff has been dealing with the wrath of the Barbs ever since. She accompanied the production assistant to get the food, only for it to stay sitting there after Nicki left. Meanwhile, Tiffany’s debatable remarks were cosigned by Loni Love, who recently revealed during Nightly Pop on E! She was about an hour late. Another tweet that Tiffany liked was from a fan defending the rapper, claiming she only gets disrespectful when people come for her. Do you agree that Nicki Minaj doesn’t treat people with respect, or is it all just a day in life? It was Popeyes.”
Loni said after showing up an hour late, Nicki did a great job on the show, but she and her crew never got around to the food she demanded. “Nicki is only disrespectful when she is disrespected. It was a demand. She was late. Tiffany Haddish is liking tweets about her comments on Nicki Minaj, while Loni Love agrees with her that the rapper isn’t the most respectful you will find. Among the posts that the comedian has liked is one that questioned why she was even compared to Nicki Minaj in the first place. The diva-like behavior is nothing strange for celebrities as they are usually given the option of choosing what they’d like to have in their dressing room when they’re invited to talk shows like The Real. Though Loni didn’t mind getting in on the grub herself, she says while waiting for Nicki. It is their prerogative what they choose to put on that list and if it will be succinct or extensive. Grammy Award-winning comedian Tiffany Haddish got herself mixed up in a bit of controversy recently after she angered Barbs when she spoke of Nicki Minaj in a less than positive light. “I had her on the show, on The Real, and girl was worth it. Nicki can be a little, you know, not punctual,” Loni said.