Los Angeles councilman calls for more police on streets

Bonin said many residents complain they have to wait too long during emergencies. He added there were more patrol cars in 1969 with a smaller police force and smaller population.Monica Harmon lives in Los Angeles. LOS ANGELES (KABC) — The Los Angeles Police Department has just under 10,000 officers, but Councilman Mike Bonin said not enough police are on the streets.”A cornerstone of public safety in Los Angeles is the expectation that you can see a patrol car in your neighborhood,” he said. So the councilman proposed a 10-step plan, which includes reviewing and auditing specialized units.His plan also calls for replacing officers that do not make it to work and taking another look at patrol areas that were established nearly 20 years ago.”We have some of the best and hardest working police officers you have ever met. She said she’s noticed an uptick in crime in her neighborhood and wants to support local police departments.”Officers will tell us that sometimes when they respond to a call, they need that backup to be there ASAP and we’re basically speaking out in support of them,” she said.Bonin said he’s calling for not just more patrol officers in his district, but citywide. There are just not enough of them,” Bonin said.