Lyric – Young & Sexy Lyrics

You look like a good man
So if I play you close, don’t hold it against me
See after the party, we’ll jump in my Bentley! [Verse: Loon]
Yea, Bad Boy
Girl your body so elegant, skin so delicate
Ever think you was heaven sent, girl, ever since (uh)
I laid eyes on you, been hypnotized on you
Lips and eyes size of the hips and thighs on you
Every time you in the club different guys on you
Like flies on you but they won’t love you like I love
[Chorus: Lyric]
Young sexy material, and free
But you know I’ll change for you
You know I’ll change for you
Put yo black du rag, then stop for new jean Timbs
Boy you know I got plans for you
Don’t you know I got plans for you
[Verse: Lyric]
Look at your face, your pretty hair
Look what you do to me and your just standin’ there
When I look in your eyes (when I look in your eyes)
ooohh it’s just not fair
Now what did you say to me I don’t even care
Cause I’m
[Verse: Lyric]
I’m a tell you right now (tell you right now)
You don’t understand (you don’t understand)
Now why should I hesitate? Cause I’m! [Chorus]
[Bridge: Lyric]
End of this party (party)
All eyes on me (all eyes on you)
Everybody, is tryin’ to holla too
You should bounce wit me (bounce wit me)
Cause I’m a crank this room (Bad Boy)
How ’bout the dance floor
All night long (all night long)
[Verse: Loon]
Hey yo incase you didn’t know mama my name is Loon
Live wit Bad Boy, ’bout to famous soon
Chicks ’bout to be all up in my aimin’ soon
You see I’de rather claimin’ you
Matta’ fact I got a whole lotta’ reasons
But here’s a few reasons why I’m
Really thinkin’ about leavin’, the party is packed
Now these chicks all over my back
No security and I ain’t even holdin’ no gat
But when I come through clubbin’ it
It’s obvious the chicks is lovin’ it
Real smooth playa far from thuggin’ it
But even though I scar my government
Got pants for you, I can’t wait to get my hands on you
[Chorus x2]