Masicka & Tarrus Riley New Collab “Corner” Is A Banger: Watch Visual

A realness (Real) / I’m not leaving share the food mek we feed together / If any we wi’ bleed together,” summarised the scene as it ended. This time, the clip highlighted the role of a female friend coming to the rescue of her friend who is being abused by her partner. The incredible mashup also features producer Mario Dunwell. Now, it appears he very well may receive worldwide recognition for this song, as fans are dubbing it an international hit. Twitter
Facebook The lyrics, “So when I call you my brother I mean it (One) / What’s thicker than blood? It is due to the aide of the friend that the female is able to escape her dire situation. The video, directed by RD Studio, presents Masicka and Tarrus Riley in an open field occupying a white staircase. Riley, who is an amazing vocalist, opens up the song with the chorus, complementing the stern deejaying style of Masicka throughout the tune. Dunwell was credited as co-author of the track ‘Fever’ and was awarded a gold plaque from the Recording Industry Association of America, for the record reaching approximately 500,000 sales. A realness (Real) / I’m not leaving share the food mek we feed together. The video features two relatable scenarios, the first commencing with a series of gruesome clips inside a motor vehicle. / If any we wi’ bleed together.”
As the video wrapped, Jamaican producer Mario Dunwell made famous by Vybz Kartel’s 2016 hit song ‘Fever’, made a cameo during the final chorus of the video. Yes you can.” These are the lines that open the lyrics of the newly released song titled “Corner,” sung by Masicka and Tarrus Riley. Masicka and Tarrus certainly knew what they were doing when they chose all-white outfits, as the visuals’ serenity and peace are undeniable. You chillingly witness a team of friends rushing to the ER with an injured acquaintance. As one fan suggested, “Not the collab we want, but the collab we needed.”
Check out “Corner” below. It is not uncommon for Dancehall and Reggae artists to team up, but it is a ‘thing’ when two powerhouses in their respective genres collaborate. Thankfully the person narrowly escapes death by arriving at the hospital in the nick of time, thanks to the efforts of his friends. Masicka, Tarrus Riley, and Dunwell team up on a new dancehall banger, “Corner.”
“You can depend on me. Once again, the pre-chorus revised the scene with, “When mi seh ‘love yuh sister’, I mean it (One) / What’s thicker than blood? It could possibly become the inspirational anthem for 2021, according to fans who were moved to tears by the heartfelt and tender message. Following this, the short film took an unexpected turn tackling the topic of domestic violence. The tone of the track is being especially appreciated as many individuals as of late have been calling for more conscious music and are pleading for the halt of gun and violence centered tunes. Having someone in your corner who sticks by you through thick and thin regardless of blood relation is precious.