Mental evaluation ordered for man accused of fatally stabbing 3-year-old girl in downtown LA

31. Why did he cause us such great pain?”MORE: Man accused of fatally stabbing 3-year-old girl in downtown LA charged with murderUtuy didn’t utter a word while in court, and his attorney told the judge Utuy couldn’t rationally assist in his defense. “We didn’t talk to him or anything,” Ruby’s father, who asked to not be identified, told Eyewitness News. DOWNTOWN LOS ANGELES (KABC) — The man accused of stabbing a co-worker’s 3-year-old daughter to death at a downtown Los Angeles garment factory stood before a judge on Thursday.As Ricardo Utuy faced his day in court, the family of Ruby Vasquez continued to search for answers as to why she was fatally attacked on Oct. Moses Castillo with the Los Angeles Police Department explained.Officials said the 34-year-old had only been on the job in the 800 block of McGarry Street about two weeks when the attack happened.Investigators also accused Utuy of attempted murder in connection with the stabbing of a woman at another factory in March of 2016.The motive behind the attacks remained unclear, according to detectives. Investigators said they believed Alex was an acquaintance of Utuy and a victim who was afraid to come forward.”We are not worried about his status here in this country, but we want to be able to help him and bring justice for him as well,” Castillo explained.The victim’s father urged Alex to come forward with any information. “That’s the real hard question. She loved us so much,” he said. Utuy was ordered to undergo a mental evaluation.”The judge suspended all future proceedings until that issue can be addressed by another court,” Det. “Why did he do this to us? We don’t know the motive yet. We just know that it’s unprovoked and totally bizarre,” Castillo said.Police continued to search for a person named Alex. Ruby’s father said he visited her burial site before Christmas and said all his family had left of her was memories.”She was beautiful, very obedient and very smart.