Methyl Ethel – Schlager Lyrics

Or the diethylamide
Through blood and tears I made
I promise not to stop
‘Til my empty is full cup
Somebody sent for relief from God
Dire answers of the ways
Prove life on demands
A fool can’t sit with his arms crossed and look scared tonight
Sign of the times, find yourself a gun
Who’s ransom can it bore you
If I listen, what you said
Keeps me right by your side
Slow down with the force
Gardens in the roots here in my bones
But come fast and do it now
In constant flow
And give for an Incan town
A sword dipped in time
Who will remember my entire life? Somebody said it would be easier
Go a little easy on me, sir
Somebody said you don’t need to know
You are not serviced to want far away
But to know what’s far away
Is to find it, find it hard to wait
Sighing, I’m nervous, awake in the dark
A fire in the gut, I will not sleep at all tonight
Who would not sympathise with a wrecking ball?