Michael Guy Bowman – I’m Seeing Everything Lyrics

You’re falling to the floor
You can’t reach the phone
You’re in there alone
I’m breaking down your door
You’re barely awake
Your body could break
I don’t know what to do
But your car’s in the back
And your key’s on the rack
And now I’m holding you
And I’m not sure of anything
But you, my dear, are everything
I’m gunning it inside your car
I’m pulling into the ER
And I’m not saying anything
‘Cause now I’m losing everything
They load you on the stretcher now
I leave the keys and bail out
And now I’m seeing everything
But I’m not saying anything
And now I’m seeing everything
Two weeks have gone by, and it’s good to see you home
But there’s bars on the windows, my cover is blown
You’re locking the door, and you’re closing the blinds
But I’m in the glass when your eyes meet mine There’s nothing wrong with walking through your door
So long as I can cover up my tracks
I mosey round your room while you are gone
I’ll be out before you’re even back
And I’m not taking anything
I’m just touching everything
The dirty dishes on your stove
The pockets in your fancy clothes
And I’m not missing anything
I’m just feeling everything
The scent of you upon your sheets
Your toothbrush against my grinning teeth
There’s nothing wrong with looking through the glass
So long as you don’t see me through the blinds
I’m never bored, no matter what you do
I always want to know what’s on your mind
And I’m not taking anything
I’m just part of everything
‘Cause everything you have is shared
As long as you don’t know I’m there
And I’m not missing anything
I’m just into everything
The stuff you hide beneath the bed
I wonder what’s inside your head
But I’m not taking anything
I’m just seeing everything
The food you cook, the way you sleep
The jokes you laugh at on TV
And I’m not missing anything
But now you’re getting much too high
You’re crashing out, I don’t know why
Your vomit is red
Oh God, are you dead?