Mo3 Allegedly Killed Two People Before His Murder Claims Houston Crip FDA

Houston Crip FDA has disclosed that the rapper killed two people before he died. “If you livin’ that life and you rappin’ about it and you know you got rap beef, I’d rather be caught with it, than without it.”
Mo3’s murder came just days after another young rapper, King Von, was murdered in Atlanta. At the time, Detective Angel Graff told the media that as soon as the rapper pulled up at around 3:30 a.m, the suspects started shooting at him. Houston Crip FDA has provided new information, claiming that Mo3 had actually killed two people at the club. There may be a lot of missing details surrounding the death of BadAzz Music Syndicate rapper Mo3, and some of it is now coming to light. As y’all saw the video homie, sh*t, he went out to try to go get it — got out the car and tried to go get it, he just didn’t have time,” he said. “He killed two people in Houston. View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Say Cheese TV ?? Yeah, at VLive. They tried to kill him at VLive,” FDA said during an interview with High Thoughts TV. It was alleged that the rapper’s death was a result of jealousy linked to an unspecific female. He was reportedly involved in a shootout in Houston months before when bullets rang out outside the Clive Bar adult entertainment club in September. The now-viral clip has led to various follow-up posts, including an interview posted by Say Cheese, where Houston vlogger Charleston White explains what really went down. (@saycheesetv)

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Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window) The 28-year-old “Broken Love” rapper was gunned down in November last year on a Dallas, Texas highway. “He had a stash spot in his car where he keep his pistol and he couldn’t get to it. The shootout left two people injured. Footage showing Mo3 attempting to grab a gun under his glove compartment during the highway shootout has now been leaked.