Napoleon Da Legend – Gold Cloth Lyrics

On my hero’s Journey, a young lab with a purpose
If you heard me last year I was just scratching the surface
Anti-social sometimes they said I had Asperger’s
Only had aspirations to make my craft perfect
Past perfect or any tense for that matter
Matter of fact, I lay my wax with mathematics
They seen our seeds multiply they tried to divide
We brought forth power and a fraction of us died
Young Pythagore that pinnacle raw slash cynical identical to none peep my physical core
I’m a train warrior my slang glorious, move swift like a matador verse a bull in Latin corridas
Slash sorcerer, mad scientist an orator
Performing oracle with an alchemist formula
Focusing my cosmos giving u that god dose
Armored up inside the armored truck with the roscoe
Plugging up these plot holes they shocked on the Low
How I survived thru so many obstacles and still grow
Man against the machine took it to the extreme
Suited up built my immune up without a vaccine
As the war rages ya life’ll go thru 4 phases
The Birth the challenge aftermath and the changes
When you reach back home leveled up and transformed
Reminiscing on the dangers that you ran thru for it
You gonna smile grateful at all the breakthroughs always stayed true and faithful that’s why they praise you
Showed courage in the face of dilemmas and great ceilings
We fight, trading blows with the devil and slay villains
Face bloodied up and bruised and stuck thru
Big up the crew I left a trail for y’all to pick up jewels
Before I leave this planet and leave my shell behind
And they fill my body up with some formaldehyde
I make sure I leave it better than when I entered it
And make the youth benefit like a Good Samaritan
Meditating laying still under the tree like Buddha
With a birds eyes view and all I see’s a bright future