New Majority in Orange County excited to attend Donald Trump’s inauguration

(KABC) — While a number of California Congress members announced they were boycotting the presidential inauguration of Donald Trump, there will be several Orange County business owners who will proudly attend the ceremony on Friday.About 20 people with the New Majority, a Republican group out of Newport Beach, will make the trip to Washington as Trump is sworn in as the 45th president of the United States. “I’m really excited to go to the inauguration,” shopping center developer Steven Craig said.MORE: The schedule of Donald Trump’s official events for his inauguration”It would just be an honor to see the country switch hands like this, I think it’s great,” Bill Skeffington, CEO of Ben’s Asphalt explained.Craig supported Trump during the election and met him during campaign meeting the president elect held for business owners. “I’m really hopefully that Mr. Craig said Americans need to embrace Trump to help support a peaceful transition of power.MORE: List of Democrats in Congress who are skipping Donald Trump’s inauguration”Whatever side you are on, if you’re a pro-supporter of Trump or someone who was supporting Hillary Clinton, the new government should be given the chance to do what they can do to maybe turn some things around in this country,” Craig said. NEWPORT BEACH, Calif. Trump can do some things and I hope everyone will give him a chance to at least try it.”