Onward To Olympas – Unsuitable Patterns Lyrics

I know I make mistakes, but what have I done to make you think that I am so wrong? Unsuitable patterns. When we all reveal our heart turn away so we can’t see the lies. Is this what you wanted? Clearly no one on this earth. I will not sit back and watch you degrade my name. What do I owe you? Or who is the right? What do you want from me? There always seems to be another side. I will not take the blame. Stand in the spotlight that will only shine so long. Should this be the truth we all have to face? You can only ignore your integrity for so long before it backfires on yourself. But there is a higher power to wipe this all away. Unsuitable patterns. Take it all away. Take it all away. Face your old aggressions and face your lies. I am not sure what this test is for. You will never win this fight. I am not sure what this test is for. When will you open your mind. Who is the wrong? When we all vanish from this earth do you want to go with that disguise?