Organizers of Pasadena Women’s Rally to keep working toward solidarity

It created not just groups of women, but a body of women,” said organizer Jan Sanders.Sitting at a fellow organizer’s home, Jan Sanders and Najeeba Syeed discussed ways to keep the movement going.”We’re concerned about immigration, we’re concerned about public education…we’re certainly concerned about women’s rights in general,” Sanders added. “And these marches demonstrated that just in their sheer numbers…and the diversity of the people who came together.” “It created awareness, it created solidarity. PASADENA, Calif. Now, they’re planning to focus on local issues, putting a spotlight on various city councils and local school boards, hoping to get more familiar with their members and their messages.”There are far more people that want an embracing vision of America than the opposite,” Syeed said. — In the hours before hundreds of thousands of demonstrators took to the streets of downtown Los Angeles for Saturday’s historic Women’s March, another throng kicked off that day at the Pasadena Women’s Rally at the City Hall Rotunda.Its organizers said they’re not going to stop.