Pennsylvania infant dies of starvation after parents’ overdose deaths

19 or Dec. 15 and the child probably on Dec. The bodies were found Dec. JOHNSTOWN, Pa. Coroner Jeff Lees called the case “heart-wrenching” and ruled the infant’s death homicide due to parental neglect.Lees says toxicology tests indicate that 27-year-old Jaron Chambers and 19-year-old Chelsea Cordaro died of acute fentanyl overdoses. 20. — A coroner says a 5-month-old Pennsylvania girl starved to death in her bassinet after her parents died of drug overdoses.The Cambria County coroner’s office said autopsy and toxicology reports confirmed that Summer Chambers died of dehydration and starvation in the home in Kernville, about 60 miles east of Pittsburgh, a few days before Christmas. Lees says the parents died on or about Dec. Lees says the woman had four times the lethal range of the drug and the man had 2 times the lethal range. 22.