President-elect Donald Trump to become America’s 45th president

Trump (@realDonaldTrump) January 20, 2017 Trump fans arrived to the nation’s capital for the inaugural celebrations, many wearing red hats with his popular campaign slogan “Make America Great Again.” Meantime, dozens of Democratic lawmakers were boycotting the ceremony on Capitol Hill.WATCH LIVE: ABC News covers the inauguration of President-elect Donald Trump Campaign rival Hillary Clinton was also expected to be present at Capitol Hill for the ceremony.The president-elect will attend church with his family before the ceremony, then meet President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama for tea at the White House. THE MOVEMENT CONTINUES – THE WORK BEGINS!— Donald J. “Keep the illegals out,” he said.Protesters were also out early, some trying to block inaugural visitors from passing through security checkpoints, some wearing orange jumpsuits with black hoods over their faces.Eleanor Goldfield, who helped organize the Disrupt J20 protest, said the message is they will not be silent during Trump’s presidency. The Trumps and the Obamas will then travel together for the noon swearing-in ceremony.Trump aides said the president-elect had been personally invested in crafting his inaugural address, which will be an approximate 20-minute speech that is expected to center on his vision for what it means to be an American. WASHINGTON (KABC) — President-elect Donald Trump, the billionaire businessman and reality television star who shook up the world of politics on his way to the top, will be sworn in Friday as the 45th president of the United States.Trump started his inauguration day with a morning tweet to his country saying, “It all begins today!” and “THE MOVEMENT CONTINUES – THE WORK BEGINS!” It all begins today! for the swearing-in. “This is the first president that I voted for that won.” His big hope: Trump builds that promised wall on the U.S.-Mexican border. Spokesman Sean Spicer said the address would be “less of an agenda and more of a philosophical document.”MORE: Donald Trump preparing to be “President for all Americans,” son saysTrump supporters were seen starting to line up at security checkpoints before dawn to take their places.”I’m here for history,” said Kevin Puchalski, a 24-year-old construction worker who drove from Philadelphia to attend the swearing-in. She called Trump supporters “misguided, misinformed or just plain dangerous.”The Associated Press contributed to this report. I will see you at 11:00 A.M.