Razzlekhan – Vacuum Cleaner Lyrics

don’t bitch and moan
You done reaped what you have sewn
Bitch I got standards
Clingers, lamer than lanyards
My calls, you never answers
This shit is backwards
Do you grow or are ya stuck?? Michelin star; dessert made from foam
Now I’m the one; (who) – getting blown
Got uh hammam for my throne
Everything (made) from soapstone
Razzlekhan, becoming hella known
Met gonna have my street fashion shown
All you fake f*cks, I do NOT condone
p*ssy sheeple, with no backbone
Even my fam, I can disown
I invest, I do not loan. No time for a fake f*ck
I’m too busy — employing
You’re just — annoying
Good times — you’re destroying
(When) you leave – it’s more enjoying
I may be neurotic
But our friendship toxic
All you do is talk shit
Smoking on the chronic
But don’t do no boss shit
I build things robotic
Growth rate like a rocket
Vacations always tropic
You so dated- like (mother f*cking) bop it
Don’t hit me up —if you need— a favor
What do I look like — some kind of savior? Well this songs about them
Bitch; you suck; like uh vacuum cleaner
Va-va-va-va-va-va-va vacuum cleaner
Bitch; you suck; like uh vacuum cleaner
Suck; suck; suck
Like uh vacuum cleaner
My friends list bout to get leaner
Cuz’ you suck
Like uh vacuum cleaner
Think I need to do a spring cleaner
Cuz’ you suck like uh vacuum cleaner
Used to be scared; to – be – alone
(Had) bad friends – just wanted to bone
Won’t pick up; whenever they phone
Got no time; I’m- in— the— zone
Jet setting; Saigon to Rome
Hong Kong milk tea with uh – scone. Try to make plans, but you never commit
I get more value when I’m taking uh shit
Just wanna pop you, like uh BIG (old) zit
All you ever do is —talk about yourself
But our friendship — is —bad for my health
Broke-ass or billionaire
I don’t – care
Never gonna judge you; for what – you wear
But I hate touristic shit — like times square
So please, don’t take me there! — new boyfriend is uh geezer
What part of friendship — do you not get? Motherf*ckers! Do ya ever have people in your life that just suck? Didn’t show – up – to my Jamboree
(So) you’re uninvited—to my next party
I know you heard- that Chapelle gonna be there
I ain’t coming — to your wingding, neither
No, I don’t wanna hang — with uh skeezer
You gold-digging!