Roc Marciano – Downtown ’81 Lyrics

Walk around with your head up high
In the street I stop, but you walk on by
Sophisticated lady
I know I drive you crazy
Don't lie
(Don't lie baby)
Don't lie
(Don't lie)
At the penthouse
Breaking bread with a thick brickhouse
I dicked her down, she took that shit like a big gal
The picture fell
I ain't gotta have a pitch for this to sell, this shit sell itself
Redbone bitch with the yellow tail eating yellowtail
Picture me jealous, hoe, lol
The old white Alfa Romeo look like yayo
I'm on my way yo
If the clothes made by Josue then it's fuego
The coat got flames on it like it came straight from Waco
The cream suede Kanyes is alfredo
Scott Baio
I'm waving "Hi" to a hater, bitch, I'm Maino
Drive-by spray your Loreto with five dracos
The behind on the Wraith though it look like one of Drake hoes
The shape is cold
I'm baking coke
I made all this cake, I'm scraping the bowl like a eight year old
Shake you out your J's made your ankle roll
Do you dirty like Kobe did Jalen Rose
Give you 81
Basquiat downtown 81
Give you 81
Basquiat downtown 81
The Gucci frames was made in 81
I'm in the Mercedes doing 81
Kobe gave the homie Jalen 81