Roc Marciano – Sampson & Delilah Lyrics

Uh, uh, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, boy
Marc, baby
Shoutout my nigga Murder Markel
Uh, uh
[Verse 1]
The clip under the tool look like a half moon, uh
I'm not Cube, but we some Niggas With Attitudes
These rap dudes’ food not palatable, might need a talent boost
The challenge is bullet proof, my jewelry drippin' like p*ssy juice (ooh)
Good, you made you some loot, whoopty doo (whoopty doo nigga)
Wanna cookie, sucker, can't whoop me (nah)
If I was you, then mad at me I would be too, wood only 22
Get money, sonny, monkey see, monkey do
Of your nice new honeymoon
Let’s skip the small talk like it's Sunday school (skip that)
I'd rather sunbathe, get paid a hundred ways, I'm playing a numbers game (uh)
I take your little lunch change, son, pump the breaks
Dump the body, the Maserati in need of trunk space (facts)
I'm soaking up game like a sponge cake (uh)
You waitin' for crumbs to fall off of one's plate (uh)
I just might be the nicest ever
The way I bite your head off remind you of that Mike Tyson era
f*ck who you like better, I light up your sweater
And throw some ice all in the side of the Sky Dweller, fella
Uh, uh, okay, okay, okay
Marc, baby
Uh, uh
Uh, still on top, nigga, look
Havin' a hell of a run, boy
Haha, ya’ll niggas heard it
[Verse 2]
Heavy is the head, that’s what my celly said
Might cop the Bentley in cherry red
If it's necessary, bury the bread
Somewhere off the grid, ya’ dig? (Ya dig?)
Watch for the feds, they like Porky Pig
I heard 'em oinkin', you know I'm not to be toyed with
The point I made was poignant
The style I coined it, my Aussie bitch double-jointed (uh)
The double barrel joint is pointed at your boyfriend (uh)
The clip thrown in with the koi fish, splash
I speak for the voiceless
I spent last weekend eating’ with lawyers
The cheese ain't a good enough reason to be exploited
I'm anointed, you can't avoid it
Your rap's annoyin', might have to throw that trash in the toilet (flush it)
I'm that passionate, get cash and enjoy it
Act boisterous (uh)
Anything after that is pointless
Pimp, yeah, know what I'm sayin'? I don't know what the f*ck you was talkin' 'bout after that
Know what I'm sayin'? Nigga, everybody get a chance to be young at one point, nigga
Not everyone get a chance to be beautiful
Huh, know what I'm sayin'? Lil' dusty niggas, man
Straight up, man
Shoe shine, shine-box ass niggas, man
Huh, Marc, nigga
Quit askin' about me, boy
You niggas is just startin', ya'll niggas, ya'll niggas washed up already, man
Crazy, it's the longest run ever
Quietest kept, nigga
f*ck you niggas mean, know what I'm sayin'?