Royal Flush – Rotten Apple Lyrics

to make me inhale within
All the reefa that I choke don’t provoke get smoked
Half your team left buddy problem solve with coke
Treats is no joke in traces with cancer from gun smoke
Open up your eyes and realize at time fly by
What up with chulas I didn’t leave myself sometime
Staying laced up chasing absolute with crime
These streets is mine I guess I’m black and strapping by nine
Although I’m going through a lot busting cops for props
Keeping loose rocks for every fiend
I didn’t sweat to death thinking bout the seed I got to bless
Although I rest god leave some money in his chest
God bless all my people’s lying up state to death
Street stress I try to see a billion nothing less
Hook (2x):
Verse 2:
My life’s a struggle the preachers in the church know how they thug you
First they mug you by telling God that they love you
Son f*ck that, staying in the street packing heat
f*ck a TNT sweet my people’s we got to eat
Moving on a creep trying stack a million in a week
Wisely can’t even trust my man down with deep
Niggas saying showing mad love but I act like them
Not in my team we trying see nothing else but cream
Coming for Queens peace to whole boroughs doing their thing
However you last long cause you don’t go while getting blast
Never ??? f*cking with this like that’s going bad
Do I live a last but my first extortion from a Arab
I got bag for all these f*cking warrants I had
Drinking Remy fast with lieutenant criminal business
Exchange coke for spinach by false move you finish
Hook (2x):
Verse 3:
For the love, money, murder and sex I push a Lex
To my death don’t sweat load down niggas holding a tech
Diamond flooded next condos top notch connect
Plush we stack cream for fiends that you never seen
Living killer queens base land niggas do their thing
Let the money built money holding on my gun keep it real
Thugs in New York talking slick talk holding your fort
While I’m throwing judges in court maintain in sport
Showing all support catching cases running through current
I stay blunted cause in these streets flush is warning
Hook (2x): Dwellin’ in the Rotten Apple, you get tackled
Or caught by the devil’s lasso, shit is a hassle
Hook (2x):
Dwellin’ in the Rotten Apple, you get tackled
Dwellin, dwellin’ in the Rotten Apple, you get tackled
Dwellin’ in the Rotten Apple, you get tackled
Or caught by the devil’s lasso, shit is a hassle
Verse 1:
As a young men, walking in these streets where my gun clean
To sell grams to chop chop make the extra ends
The ??? shooting at these niggas getting cash