Rygin King Drops Some Money Motivation Ahead Of His Dancehall-Trap Album

The initial mention of an album took place in March 2020 and was reignited in November, after he shared an image of the proposed album cover. Twitter
Facebook The recent video shared on his social media page doesn’t give a specific breakdown on how to reap success, but it is definitely serving its purpose. Let’s just say that the visuals are lined with cash and other items symbolizing riches. The Flanker native has been keeping a low profile since the attempted hit. He’s also inspiring his fans to do the same after he shared a video on his Instagram account of himself throwing down a few fresh stacks of JMD thousand dollar bills while his new track “Cheddar” bumps in the background. Miraculously, the “How Me Grow” singer has successfully recovered from the attempt on his life. “Up no Rygin, just go buy some stocks and Bitcoin and then you reach US millionaire level, go for the bag,” was the financial recommendation handed down to King by one of his followers. “Motivation fi de youths get to de bag #cheddar cheddar,” the “Tuff” deejay captions the short clip. On January 08, Rygin king released and starred in his first music video since being shot in June 2020. The music video also includes fellow Flanker native Jah Cure, who is also known for his huge purse. However, he decided to use his new music video for “Cheddar” to show just how you can live once you possess the right influx of cash. View this post on Instagram

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“Me want a plane, couple house and couple yacht/ me and me friend dem a real young rich ni**as,” he sings. Since then, he has released a healthy dose of singles and music videos and even tooted the possibility of a full-length album, rumored to be a dancehall trap project. The singjay became the victim of a vicious daylight hit that left two others wounded, with one victim succumbing to her injuries. The music video is currently number 8 on Youtube’s local trending list with over 700,000 views. Dancehall artiste Rygin King is proving that even though 2020 was a challenging year, still he’s ensuring that he keeps his financial goals in sight. It’s still not clear if King is still working with his “Dancehall Trap” title for his debut project, especially after the tragedy that unfolded. These include seaside properties furnished with boats, high-end vehicles such as Mercedes Benz, and lavish shopping sprees. After numerous years of working his local scene in Montego Bay, Rygin King shot to international stardom when he delivered a show-stopping performance at Reggae Sumfest 2018.