Sean Paul – Real Steel Lyrics

Nuh false start inna di P can’t start
Go get di blue pill a walmart
Redbull can’t help nor Monster
[Chours: Sean Paul]
Because we keep it fresh for the girls again (one time!)
Pamela a come tell her bring her friend
(Duttypaul me know the gal)
Real life ting couldda never pretend
Steel man a fling pon the hot gal them Bring more, bring more, women
Mi want more girls in me world
Girl f*cking tell you bye bye
Bring dem come inna long sum to the   kingdom
[Verse 1: Sean Paul]
Bring   more   girls come through   fi the king   and the crew
Cause we puffing on trees and we sipping on brew
Gal dem wet up like a morning dew
Slip them outta the clothes and dash weh the shoe
Fi give the gyal dem steppinz
Dem don’t got a clue, don’t know what fi do
So dem nuh choose you
Turn the phone around and tape some blues
Like she siddung and a watch di cvm news
[Verse 2: Intence]
So mi gwaan like me can’t talk (Real!)
Yo a pity him deeven know
A me have him gyal heart (From start!)
Duttypaul deeven wah laugh (ha!)
Gyal di way me see dem wife a me car mat (Dutty yeah)
Say she being the p*ssy gi him
And him bruk inna him shorts fam, A weh you call dat? [Intro: Sean Paul, Intence]
Duttypaul even won’t laugh
No Nothing funny about it
One time!