Shenseea And H.E.R. Hints They’re Working On New Music

and Shenseea apparently have new music coming and fans are elated. Perhaps responsible for some of the biggest crossover hits, this particular fusion of musical styles has historically been very successful. Both clad in joggers, tees, and kicks, the two artists posed with wide smiles and appeared to be getting on quite well. In the latest R&B meets dancehall music exhibit, Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter H.E.R. Dancehall and R&B have presented in several mashups in the past, and the two genres have molded quite well together. wrote, “Blasiana x 2” alluding to her and Shenseea’s Asian and African descent. has already collaborated with the likes of Grammy Award-nominated Jamaican singer Skip Marley. and Shenseea haven’t dropped a release date yet or even a hint as to what kind of track they could be working on but it already seems like a recipe for a hit. Their smash hit song “Slow Down” topped the Billboard Adult R&B Airplay chart and is nominated for a Grammy this year. The R&B crooner is known for doing vocal justice to the deep lyrics that she pens. (@hermusicofficial)

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A post shared by? Clearly taken with the music culture in Jamaica, H.E.R. In the mean time, we doing our thing,” she said. (@shenseea)

Fans are, of course, thrilled to hear that the two are cooking up in the studio and can only imagine the banger that is afoot. took to Instagram to share a photo of her and Shenseea on a couch in the studio. In the comments, Shenseea fueled the fire writing, “We’ll soon let them know what it’s gon’ be! H.E.R. “YASSSSSSS the collaboration we didn’t know we needed but CANNOT WAIT TO HEAR!!!” another ecstatic fan wrote. is teaming up with dancehall sweetheart Shenseea for a collaboration that is guaranteed to be a hit. H.E.R. Some are already projecting that they could very well be working on the biggest hit of Shenseea’s career or at least the first to land her on the coveted Billboard charts. Are you excited to hear this collaboration? In the caption, H.E.R. View this post on Instagram

A post shared by H.E.R. “I already know this is gonna be a banger,” one fan assured.