Suga Free – Married To My Cadillac Lyrics (feat. Porsha Jade)

[Verse 4]
Was Crisp, and clean, and refreshing as a Hartland Head of Lettuce
Bitch, I drop yo ass off in front of in front of the clinic in the Pomona dinner fifth to sweat us
Porsha, get me out of this traffic in a hurry, please! Eyyyy Suga Free you took yo Cadillac ‘dorado and painted yo shit Pepto Bismal Pink!? [Verse 1]
She told me “face me” (laughter)
I said “okay” and ran to the phone booth spinned around a couple of times turned into super man and kicked her ass into space, see? I know a bitch touch your car, she gon’ meet her end huh? Pimp Pimp playa. You know this planet is cold
The twin towers came tumbling down
So did Anna Nicole! I compliment her on how she really handles the road
And she compliments me by tilting the wheel for me and engaging her cruise control
Chevron with Tekron hmm, that day I’ll never forget it was pump six Tuesday evening and I think the suns was playing the nix
And there was no skeletons in her closet
She confirms to me that she endures 91 Octane premium gasoline with no deposits
(Shit Nigga! GOD DON’T LIKE UGLY! Oh, that it’s totally superb when her vogue cuts the curb and I can feel her exquisite suspension! I’m feeling myself as I twirl the cadillac keys around the index finger, (cynical stuff!)
And I’m speaking from the sea weed of my soul
Yeah this is like an air-plain to me
Up, up, up, and away to the hoe stroll! Because she damn sure ain’t getting nothing from me
Suga Free you a motherf*cker! [Romey Rome]
I said Sheeeeit, well give her – you want some? This bitch sound like Christine! NOW THAT’S SOME BITCH KILLER SHIT! (Don’t trip, just take your foot off of the gas, hands off the wheel, and let me do it)
Cool! I see you gettin big Suga Free!)
[Verse 2]
Now just at the f*ck it is y’all think? And did I mention? (hello)
Your Leather’s back! Uh, May day haha, now Porsha did you hear that? (Oh what a nice compliment)
I know baby, now give my beer back
The letter “p” is the sixteenth letter made mind you
Thank you Porsha! Oh, hi Cadillac! You look better than half of these bitches do! (See we light-years ahead, and getting down on a space-bed nigga go head!)
[Verse 5]
Okay, shit
Motivated by the sixteenth letter made
Refusing phone calls from NASA, guess I’m giving up too much of this motherf*cking game
Up up high as a satellite intimidating our friendly skies
Summer breeze, palm trees, to the left, I croos my “t”s and I dot my “i”s
Then the Pimp God spoke:
“My Son, you have the power to squeeze water from a rock, oil from Iraq”
I said:
“Then why everytime I say ‘hit the dirt’ they dive on her back?”
“Then why everytime I say ‘hit the dirt’ they dive on her back?”
[Romey Rome and Suga Free talk until the Song Fades] Dipped indian Schools, seen Suge and CJ move
Kept the Cadillac on cuzo, blue eye, “Suga Free Sinatra” fool
f*ck a stable in 07′ Stampeden’ now
Cuz I opened up a can of Alphabet Soup and all P’s came out
We light-years ahead, and getting down on a space-bed nigga go head! I then peripheral to my left-side view mirror
Peripherals back
Suddenly “water-colors” on XM radio comes on
(Now don’t you like that?)
Baby light me a cigarette please (lighter noises)
Thank you! (But if you ever leave me, I find you!)
UH OH! Now I wish I would have been on “The Love” new York
I would have been like “where my thing at?”
He game go, woulda picked that bitch up so fast for the kango
A Sucka Ducka! Running over women with mustaches, no life, hair on her chest
Liar liar, bitch please!