Summer Walker Shares How Much Her Baby Bump Grew In Photo Dump

The Over It singer officially announced that she is expecting her first baby with boyfriend London On Da Track with a series of photos revealing her baby bump in November after months of speculation. Summer previously told fans that she thinks her baby is vegan because of the plant-based foods she’s been eating lately. She gave fans an eyeful of the snack she was having earlier and said it was bitter and had no sugar at all. R&B singer Summer Walker is happily expecting, and she is giving her fans a peek at her growing baby bump. Elsewhere in her Instagram Story, the singer revealed that she is craving a milkshake but can’t actually have one until Sunday. The singer clarified that she does, however, appreciate the love and interest in her craft. The 24-year-old crooner should be due soon now, and if her huge bump is any indication, perhaps very soon. As Summer is carrying ever so beautifully, the post invited a swarm of feel-good comments and welcomed compliments from fans. As she does, she tells fans that she has been recording songs for her album every day and asked them to be patient. View this post on Instagram

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Facebook “Belly grew overnight,” one fan wrote with the heart eyes emoji. After venting and getting her hair groomed, Summer shared photos from her impromptu bathroom photoshoot on her main page, writing, “good night lol.” In the photos, the singer shows off several odd, and I suppose, amusing poses with a black heart emoji covering her belly button. Summer Walker is showing off her baby bump on Instagram while offering an album update. Taking to Instagram Stories to share, Summer uploaded a video of her pregnant self in the bathroom mirror curling her hair. Where is the album?’ Like hello, I’m growing a human here could you just give me a second?” Summer said. As hard as it is to imagine a tiny human assuming complete control of our diets like this, Summer Walker has been nothing but graceful about these changes, and it’s indicative of the mother she is sure to be. “Your SKIN is everything,” gushed another about Summer’s glow. Y’all ask every day ‘Where is the album? “Y’all need to be patient.