Summrs – Oh That? Lyrics

That's a lot of   cash   right there
That's a   fat ass right there yeah
Oh that's   a bag right there (Right here)
Oh that's a strap right   here
That   lil   blick yeah
Spray at   the queers
Let's have   a toast, cheers
I'm with my vados right here
We put a nigga in the atmosphere
Lil Rino sippin' on some act not beer
f*ckin' with us we gone end your career
Money video see clear
Going broke that's a fear
Blowing this shit like a saxophone
The blue and the green yeah it's two tone
Came in this bitch with my roof gone
She ask when I'm dropping new songs
This new Glock came with add-ons
Come on lil' nigga, bring it on
Color that nigga like a crayon
Finna go eat some filet mignon
All them lil boys using coupons
We carry gas like the Exxon
He getting pressed on, couldn't be me
Go to the store get some Louie V
Classy nigga call me Rino [?]
Finna drop this shit, then I'll delete
Ran out of pods, had to deplete
Smoking on good oak tree
New moncler feel toasty
Too elite I need a trophy
[?} stuck up on my goatee
Spent a rack up on my goatee
Talkin' bout racks them I'm nosy
Finna go cop me a rollie
Living the suite life Zach & Cody
Double G that's the Gucci
Finna kick his ass like Bruce Lee
Got footballs like Stewie
Smoking my dope it taste fruity
Young rich nigga that's the new me
Big chains like Boosie
I don't shop at no Zoomiez
But the coupe stay zoomin'
Percocet make my moody
Look at it go! Moving
Come over, watch a movie
Suck me up just like a smoothie
That ain't my dick it's a toolie
Run in his house, loot it
Tighten up boy, you losing
In the Uber X, cruising
Diamonds on me going stupid
My young niggas, ruthless [Intro]
It's Yung Bans and you better know I'm f*cking with Surreal Gang