Summrs – Zoomin! Lyrics

Playing with yo bitch
Playing with them racks
Playing with them hundreds
Playing with that gat
Kickin' shit and runnin'
Runnin' to that check
Off of that lean a nigga might just wreck
And I keep that gat, if he tryna flex
Nigga want some cancer, nigga say less
I'm a big dog and these lil' niggas pets
You bleed like I bleed nigga we could make a mess
Off a perc focused like I'm playing f*cking chess
And when I get that blue check I'm a f*ck Trap Jess
Talkin' bout pull up, you better bring a vest
Lil' bitch wanna f*ck, I just want that neck
Never want the sex, and if she want that sex
She gotta come up off a check
Nigga I could f*ck, you know she gone let
But that's my decision, I just want that neck
Lil Summr Bangz, ain't no Lil Uzi
But I keep a uzi, we could fade like Boosie
Get your bitch she choosey, and that p*ssy loosie
You niggas so fruity my name tatted on her booty
Never was you friend stop acting like you knew me
I used to f*ck on her, but bitch this the new me
On the f*cking drugs, gettin' real foolie
Foolie with that toolie, I might shoot that goofy
Racks like Young Nudy, In a Tesla zoomin'
The trap been boomin', With my bloods boolin'
With CJ coolin', I be stick and movin'
She say that I'm soothin', had that lil' bitch oozin'
And I'm with my slime, got that bitch naked
Right on FaceTime, I just want that face, call it face time
F&N bitch can't fit on my waistline