Swaco Tha Illest – High Roller Lyrics (feat. Modo)

Wave zero
Rolling through the
Rolling through the
Rolling through the city and we high, and we hi-high
Couple   bad   buddies in the   ride, in the ri-ride (rollin)
Throw up   the middle to the sky, to the sky, sky (roll)
Trynna live it up like these are my last moments (roll)
Prep for the light we love when it flash don’t it (roll)
Pull up in that motherf*cking umm
Make her stomach sick eat a tums
It’s me and my dawg like bones
Cal tun is where I’m from
I don’t need a gun
I am from the hood but i know the bay
Epa, oakland
I’m prolly with sado we smoking
In something that’s vintage like playboi
Limetry is what we token bumping that short dawg like playboi
Centerfolds all around me
My company isn’t for free
Wipe all these girls off like fleas
Candy my pocket thc
Slapping the beat
Serving the crack to the fiends
Look at the camera
Trynna find all of the answers
Trynna just go head and get a banana
Chasing what they dangling
Niggas just wanna wrangle in
Trynna get this money that we wrangle in
Uh Like the jeans on my butt
Man I’m gotta go and get it man i’m up when i’m up
I’m trynna go get it man i’m chasing them bucks
Know how I get it like buffalo bill
Man I just change up the shit when I real
Man I just give them the realest of deals
And now they wanna talk about niggas is kill
Killing the game
Yes they gon know my name
Swaco he be the king
Don’t come and challenge the ring