Tarrus Riley Showcases His Style & Flow In “EZ Nuh” Video

“EZ Nuh” shows a fun, energetic side of Tarrus many have didn’t know existed. Tarrus Riley debut his new video “EZ Nuh” with Romeich making a cameo. His dress down showcased not just his sense of style but also his elaborate collection of body art. The revelation repelled a few but attracted many, with some fans addressing as Tarrus “Dreamy” Riley. Riley goes through a number of outfits throughout the video, opting for gold shoes in one take before sporting an “EZ Nuh” hooded sweater and cap in another. There is also no shortage of females, with up to 6 beautiful women flanking Mr. Tarrus Riley has done it again through a brand new music video directed by Xtreme Arts and starring Romeich Major. These include iced out chains, bracelets, watches, and some cool threads. Twitter
Facebook Riley at one point. Tarrus Riley aka Singy-Singy shocked fans a few months ago when he jazzed up his wardrobe to compliment the tone of the music video done for “Lighter,” which featured Romeich Entertainment’s princess Shenseea. The visuals follow the Chimney Records produced track “EZ Nuh,” which was released on their new Style A Style Riddim. What do you think of the music video? The music video follows along the same path, as Tarrus Riley is fitted with some serious drip. Chimney and Riley have been working together for years, yet, this latest production has managed to bring about a different level of vibrancy than what we have been accustomed to. The Xtreme Arts clip is definitely not short on flamboyant styles.