VIDEO: Cane-wielding man saves bus driver during Kansas City attack

Police said they were able to quickly locate and arrest the suspect.The bus driver and Good Samaritan were reunited on Monday.The Kansas City Transit Authority awarded Goldman a life time bus pass and two new canes to replace the one he broke protecting the bus driver. A cane-wielding passenger, later identified as Rodney Goldman, came to her rescue, striking the suspect several times, allowing Judge to escape the suspect’s grasp.Rodney Goldman kept the suspect down while Judge was able to call for help.But Goldman’s cane eventually shattered and that’s when the suspect ran off. — A man with a cane came to the aid of a Kansas City bus driver during a frightening attack and his heroic actions were all caught on camera.Driver Lynne Judge was dealing with a confrontational passenger when he suddenly attacked her early Saturday morning. KANSAS CITY, Mo.