VIDEO: Driver punches, kicks other motorist’s car during road-rage incident in Westlake

He believes a person in another vehicle opened a door and slammed it into his car.In footage recorded by Jew and posted Monday on Facebook, he is heard saying “You tapped my car” to the male driver of the car alongside him.”No, I didn’t tap none of your car, homie,” the second motorist responds.”Yeah, you did,” Jew says. The other driver then exits his vehicle and punches and kicks Jew’s car.The victim reported the incident to the Los Angeles Police Department and gave investigators the license plate number of the attacker’s vehicle.Jew said he was informed that the other car was an Enterprise rental. After a car behind him honked several times, Jew said he heard a loud bang. WESTLAKE, LOS ANGELES (KABC) — A driver punched and kicked another motorist’s car during a road-rage incident that was captured on video in Westlake.Branden Jew said he was driving home from work when the confrontation occurred on Alvarado Street near Valley Street.