VIDEO: Firefighters rescue stranded motorists amid severe flooding in San Bernardino County

The driver and passengers were helped out of the truck and pulled to higher ground.No injuries were reported in either incident. (KABC) — Two dramatic swift-water rescues were captured on video in San Bernardino County on Sunday after a winter storm resulted in severe flooding.In the Cajon Pass, the driver of a pickup truck unsuccessfully tried to cross Swarthout Canyon Road after heavy rain transformed it into a raging river. When the motorist became stranded amid the flowing water, a search-and-rescue team used a raft to pull him to safety.Another pickup — occupied by a toddler, a young boy and two adults — got stuck on a washed-out road in Murrieta. Firefighters responded to Monroe Street at the 15 Freeway, where at least one of them swam out to the vehicle while attached to a safety line. HIGHLAND, Calif.