VIDEO: Motorcyclist clings to back of car after crash in Washington

(KABC) — Dramatic video from a helmet camera captured an act of survival from a motorcyclist in Olympia, Washington.Video shows Seth Diekman riding his motorcycle on the 5 Freeway on Jan. 16 when the Acura in front of him slams on its brakes. As his bike crashed into the back of the car, the 35-year-old jumped, grabbed onto the spoiler of the vehicle and held on for his life.The Acura sped up as Diekman held on for a quarter mile while he banged on the window until the driver stopped.”I was just merging behind slow traffic and getting over and at the last second he blows by me,” Diekman explained. OLYMPIA, Wash. “I grabbed the spoiler with my left hand and I was banging on the rear window with my right hand.” Washington State Patrol said the driver was intoxicated and had no license or insurance.Diekman said he’d like one thing in the aftermath of his near-death experience: the spoiler from the car that he said saved his life.