VIDEO: Officer saves woman from burning car in Washington

SPOKANE, Washington — A woman involved in a fiery crash in Spokane, Washington, Friday night was feeling thankful to her “guardian angel” — the police officer who saving her life.”I honestly believed I may not make it out of there,” Kim Novak said. “I thought I was going to die.” Novak said she had gone to the store to get ice cream when she hit a pile of slush on the road. Novak said Schwering not only saved her life, he also remembered the ice cream she wanted and brought her some the following day.”I always give him hugs,” she said. “He is stuck with me for life.””I was glad I was there to help her,” Schwaring said. Officials said a neighbor also helped in the rescue.It was unclear what caused the fire.”I was glad I was there to help her,” Schwering said. Her car reportedly shut down with her locked inside.”I started kicking as hard as I possibly could,” she said.Spokane Police Department Officer Tim Schwering’s body camera captured that shows him smashing a hole in the car window with his baton, then helping Novak climb out.