Vory – Pain Lyrics

Bitch u gon’ front like they into me
Really they f*ckin off hennessey
Niggas gon’ act like they kin to me
Tell em’ quit living in fantasies Yeah, Yeah
You a hoe with bitch tendencies
I put [?] like im genesis
Tell them free all our guys cause they innocent
This shit is draining my energy
I had to prepare myself mentally
I had to prepare myself mentally (oh yeah)
For these p*ssy ass niggas in the industry
And i came with real niggas who be in the streets
Lost my brother to the streets when i was thirteen
For the pain a nigga started sippin codein
Made man of the house when i was fourteen
No cash dre’ fronted me the whole thang
In a neigborhood full of dope fiends
And my momma she was one of those dope fiends (LORD)
[Pre hook]
I wish i knew the niggas who sold the crack
They ruined my heart, ain’t no sewing back
Imma let him for that pain nigga
Pull up on em’ let it rain nigga
I was young and i was so confused
But i knew my momma want the same nigga !! King Vory , overdose [intro]
King Vory
See, i promess my niggas i’ll never change
Loyalty is everything
I been down with my niggas since day one
I f*ck with you, from the start with you
The same nigga you get when i ain’t had shit
The same nigga you get when i had it all
When i have it all (corect that), knawimsayin
I neva change and all my niggas can vouch for me! but i stuck to the plan
You see it’s crazy how the stuggle turn the kid to a man
I promess i won’t fold
I know some secrets from some niggas that’ll neva be told
I pray the real live forever and the fakes get exposed
I think it’s funny how some friends turn to foes
I think it’s funny how that money turn you niggas to hoes
But who am i to [?]
Man this shit is just a game and i feel like the host
All them lies in yo raps boy you doing the most
Too much drugs and i watch em’ OVERDOSE! [Verse 1]
Promess my niggas i neva change
That money won’t come between anything
I turn the struggle to diamonds rings
These niggas keep callin’ just let it ring
I dont got no time for no frienemies
Used to be friends now we ennemies oh! [Hook]
Lord knows,lord knows (X12)
At eighteen i got kicked out the crib
And my nigga got evicted, i had nowhere to live
I was sleeping outside, do you know how that feel
Running on an empty stomach, borrowing money for meals
That’s when shit got real .. Ain’t no more memories nothing you say or you said has effected me mentally!