Watts orchestra program offers free classes to young musicians

The twice-a-week lessons are clearly making a difference for many students. WATTS, LOS ANGELES (KABC) — A free music program in Watts is teaching young people character, self-esteem and discipline.Parents in the area said they’re grateful their children in the Watts-Willowbrook Conservatory and Youth Symphony are benefitting in many ways from the classes, which are also open to the public. At the end, there will be individual class recitals for family and friends. “I started off with the violin but as soon as I saw my teacher with the cello, I knew I had to have it.”The session goes through March 15. “Our community doesn’t have very many choices for children. “People say that when you’re playing music, you discover new parts of your brain and, also, you can make new friends,” said young musician Gisela Barajas. It doesn’t have very many positive things going on, and it’s just imperative that the kids have something to do and something the parents can afford,” shared Mari Paul, a parent of five children in the orchestra course.The program was established in 2010, in part to help students get music scholarships.