Weather diverts Obamas’ flight to Riverside before Palm Springs vacation

“We’re going to take a little break,” Michelle Obama said. Their military plane was forced to divert to March Air Reserve Base in Riverside, disappointing people who had waited in rainy Palm Springs all day hoping to greet or at least catch a glimpse of the former first family. Crowds greet the Obama motorcade as it leaves March Air Reserve Base on way to the former first family’s vacation in Palm Springs. (KABC) — Former President Barack Obama and his family are taking a vacation in Palm Springs after leaving the White House as the nation’s first family for the last time.But California’s usually sunny climate threw the Obamas a curve when it shifted to storm clouds and heavy rain. They are expected to stay there at least until their youngest daughter Sasha finishes high school. PALM SPRINGS, Calif. The former president is known to enjoy golf and locals say Saturday might be a good time when the weather clears. The Obamas are still expected to take their vacation in Palm Springs after the slight travel delay. This is a comma, in the continuing story of building America,” Obama said.The family is expected to continue living in Washington D.C., where they have a rented a home. “We’re finally going to get some sleep and take some time to be with our family and just be still for a little bit.”Shortly after his inauguration, President Donald Trump escorted his predecessor to the military helicopter that goes by the call sign “Marine One” when the president is on board, but when carrying Obama went by “Executive One.” He first flew to Andrews Air Force Base to say goodbye again and thank military supporters.”This is not a period.