Yard Act – Dark days

Life’s an acquired taste
And if you wanna climb the ladder of success in this world
Take my advice and reinvent the reel completely, believe me. Dark days
It’s a never ending cycle of abuse
I had the blues I can’t shake them loose
My best ideas are borrowed, but they’re never half baked
They’re hard to swallow, Hey! The truth was sold,
That’s where the trail goes cold
My shoulders shudder at the thought
Of puffing my chest out as I walk home alone
Under the arches, there’s this bloke
With car boot full of stolen phones, knock off cologne and mink carcasses
Near mint condition from Selfridges mate
I see arsonists with business rates etched on the back of empty match boxes
Police officers getting their truncheons polished off in the bushes
Wondering what all the fuss is about And what I’m looking at
But If looks could kill,
My vacant gaze wouldn’t even pierce the skin
I’m not lazy, ambition is just something I have no interest in
At least when I meet my maker, I’ll embrace my mistakes
As I descend to the bowels of hell with a shit eating grin on my face
Dark days,
It’s a never ending cycle of abuse
Dark days,
I have the blues and I can’t shake them loose
I was skeptic due to how the media had depicted ya
Though getting to know you better
We clicked and so we stuck together
Turning the corner of the burning cenotaph
Those coppers clocked us
Stopped us and shook us up and down
With no grounds to and no due process
They started discussing
whether to let us off for doing nothing
Or maybe pop us just for “looking like”
We might be hiding something
But then the Radio buzzed in
“they caught carboot man with the lot”
Thank fuck I bought you enough time
Not to get shot.