Yo Gotti & Lil Yachty Asks Trump to Release Kodak Black From Prison

The system punished him way to hard for a paperwork crime #freekodak
— concrete boy boat (@lilyachty) January 4, 2021

Facebook Attorney Bruce O. “46 months in a max prison for a paperwork offense @realDonaldTrump Time to free @kodakblack #freekodak,” Yo Gotti tweeted. The 23-year-old has repeatedly alleged abuse from within the prison system and requested to be moved to escape brutality from the guards. Lil Yachty is now speaking up to support his incarcerated friend, tweeting out to his 5.2 million followers, “Hey @realDonaldTrump my friend @KodakBlack1k deserves to be commuted. Yo Gotti and Lil Yachty goes to bat for Kodak Black release from prison. The system punished him way too hard for a paperwork crime #freekodak.”
Kodak’s latest efforts to shorten his sentence were recently shutdown when federal prosecutors denied his request on Sunday, January 3rd. Kodak’s lawyer, Bradford Cohen, helped to facilitate the event and distributed the gifts along with pizza for the families from his law offices. Despite these setbacks, he has continued to stay active in charitable work from behind bars, organizing a toy drive during Christmas time that provided over $20,000 in toys, games, and gift cards for families in need. 46 months in a max prison for a paperwork offense @realDonaldTrump Time to free @kodakblack #freekodak
— Yo Gotti (@YoGotti) January 4, 2021

Hey @realDonaldTrump my friend @KodakBlack1k deserves to be commuted. That simply is inadequate pursuant to the statute.”
Kodak has had an extraordinarily difficult time in prison since his arrest in 2019 for felony gun possession. Brown said in a statement regarding the decision to deny Black’s request, “[Kodak Black] has not presented ‘extraordinary and compelling reasons’ supporting his request for release.”

He went on to argue that Kodak’s argument for his release is not compelling, adding, “He merely states he is not an evil person and promises to participate in community-based programs aimed at helping ‘the younger generation’. Kodak Black has been imploring Trump to commute his prison sentence since earlier this year when he offered to donate $1 million to charity in exchange for his freedom. Assistant U.S. Donald Trump only has a little over two weeks left as president of the United States, but that isn’t stopping some people from asking for last-minute favors while he still retains executive authority.