‘Beauty and the Beast’: What you need to know

Love the original “Beauty and the Beast” and can’t wait to see the new one? Here’s a rundown on the 1991 original and the updated characters from the current film — plus some fun facts to get you started.WHO’S WHO IN ‘BEAUTY AND THE BEAST’BelleWho: A bright, beautiful and independent young woman who is taken prisoner by a beast in his castle.Played by: Emma Watson.Originally voiced by: Paige O’Hara.Fun fact: Belle in this film is the inventor, not her father Maurice, as part of her backstory on why she was treated differently by the villagers.
He is suave and a gracious host.Played by: Ewan McGregor.Originally voiced by: Jerry Orbach.Fun fact: McGregor was unsatisfied with his French accent, so he completely re-recorded his part during the film’s post-production.Mrs. PottsWho: The matronly head of the castle kitchen transformed into a teapot.Played by: Emma Thompson. Played by: Josh Gad.Originally voiced by: Jesse Corti.Fun fact: The name LeFou in French means “the idiot,” “the fool” or “the insane.”LumiereWho: The Casanova of all candelabras.

Originally voiced by: Bradley Michael Pierce. Originally voiced by: Angela Lansbury.Fun Fact: Originally named Mrs. Chamomile, but name was changed to Potts because it was easier to rhyme.Chip PottsWho: Son of Mrs. Played by: Nathan Mack. Fun fact: Chip originally had one line of dialogue, but Pierce impressed filmmakers so much they expanded his part and cut out the role of a mute music box.CogsworthWho: The Beast’s gruff but loyal butler, who was transformed into a mantel clock. Potts, a charming teacup who befriends Belle.

BeastWho: A prince transformed into a monstrous creature for his arrogance and has to learn humanity to break the spell.Played by: Dan Stevens.Originally voiced by: Robby Benson.Fun fact: The beast’s real name is Prince Adam.GastonWho: Egotistical hunter who vies for Belle’s hand in marriage and is determined not to let anyone else win her heart.Played by: Luke Evans.Originally voiced by: Richard White.Fun fact: Gaston eats five dozen eggs for breakfast daily.LeFouWho: Gaston’s long-suffering sidekick.