‘Logan’ star Patrick Stewart talks future of Wolverine, Prof. X

For me, over the years, diversity and contrast has always been high on my list of why I would want to do a piece of work as opposed to anything else. Logan keeps the professor at a remote, abandoned smelter in the Mexican desert and tries to bring his mentor enough medicine to keep him harmless and lucid.“I realized that there was something quite unexpected going on in this movie,” Stewart says, about his first reading of the “Logan” script. And I very quickly realized that this Charles Xavier was not completely the Charles Xavier of the other movies. Suffering from brain seizures and intermittent dementia, he’s losing control of his formidable psychic powers and has become a threat to mere homo sapiens. That’s nothing, though, compared to what’s happened to the aged Xavier. “It was so bizarre and unexpected and inexplicable that I was immediately grabbed.

It’s taking a lot longer for his body to heal from wounds these days, and those adamantium claws aren’t popping out with the alacrity that they used to. Logan long ago chucked the costume and is working on the down-low as a limousine driver in El Paso, Texas. Well, not entirely the case, at least at the start of “Logan,” which takes its name from Wolverine’s alter ego. The film, directed by “The Wolverine’s” James Mangold, is set in 2029, after most mutants have apparently died and new ones haven’t emerged for a decade.

Most fans have heard that “Logan,” Fox’s third spinoff movie featuring Wolverine, is supposedly Hugh Jackman’s final appearance as the most popular X-Man of all.But what about Professor X, the wheelchair-bound leader of the mutant hero group who has long been a father figure to the semi-immortal, rage-fueled slasher? That other series stalwart, Patrick Stewart, who’s played the older version of the powerful telepath in six previous movies, is the only major franchise mainstay to share the screen with Jackman in “Logan.”
And you will understand, I have already been vaporized three movies ago! I mean, Jean Grey, she just fragmented me. I’ve got to tell you, that was an uncomfortable experience. “It’s entirely out of my control. It lies in the hands of Marvel and Fox. And much as this second R-rated, ultrabrutal X movie (“Deadpool,” though kind of its own thing, counts as the first R of Fox’s Marvel mutant properties) feels like a Wolverine send-off, Professor Xavier’s fate seems decided in it as well.But don’t be so sure about that, Stewart cautions.“I cannot say,” the 76-year-old English Shakespearean says of whether we’ll see him as Charles again. But here I am, still upright, speaking full sentences and apparently not vaporized at all.”