Oscar Nomination Reactions: ‘La La Land,’ ‘Fences,’ ‘Manchester by the Sea’ and more

We tried to make a movie about people standing by each other no matter what; thank you to everyone who let us try, and to everyone out there trying to tell the truth about what it is to be a human being.” – Kenneth Lonergan, writer and director, “Manchester By The Sea” Thank you, Academy members. It’s such an honor to be counted alongside our fellow nominees and all the really extraordinary movies that came out this year. — Nicole Kidman“I’m really overwhelmed. Thank you and congratulations, wonderful, wonderful cast, producers and crew.

Thank you Denzel for being at the helm!” — Viola Davis“I want to thank the Academy for all of the acknowledgements you have given this heartfelt film. Woo Hoo!” But, most importantly, I want to thank the Brierley family for putting themselves in such a vulnerable place and sharing their story with the world. — Emma Stone“Thank you to the Academy for this wonderful recognition and for honoring August Wilson’s brilliant words. I am just lucky to have been entrusted with this project and to have the chance to work with the amazing Viola Davis and the rest of my talented cast and crew.”— Denzel WashingtonThank you to the Academy for recognizing this extraordinary, important film and my work in it. And thanks to Garth Davis for putting his heart and soul into all of us.

I’m also overjoyed that the movie has connected with audiences in the way it has, and that it’s hopefully bringing a kick in their step to those who watch it. This is beyond any of our wildest imaginings and we can’t wait to celebrate together.” I am so grateful for this honor and I’m so happy to share this feeling with my ‘La La’ Land family. Here are some of the reactions of nominees Emma Stone, Viola Davis, Jeff Bridges, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Kenneth Lonergan and more.“What a morning. The Academy Award nominations are out, and the nominees from films such as “La La Land,” “Fences,” “Manchester by the Sea,” “Hell or High Water,” “Moana” and “Lion” are sounding off on the good news. The greatest part of life is connecting with people, and I love the deeply talented, kind and passionate people I was lucky enough to work with on this movie.

Seeing The Little Mermaid changed my life at 9-years-old, so to work with its directors Ron Clements and John Musker on “Moana” has been a dream come true. “Thank you to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences — thank you so much for this honor. And future congratulations to the kids watching the telecast this year, singing along with their favorite songs, performing epic private concerts for the mirror with a comb or a toothbrush microphone. I spent a good chunk of my childhood memorizing Billy Crystal’s musical Oscar monologues, so this is insane. Congratulations to all this morning’s incredible nominees. You’re next.” I share this humbling honor with them, my “Moana” songwriting partners Opetaia Foa’i and Mark Mancina, and the entire Disney family.